Biohacking for better sex

22 Feb 2019 - 15:38 | Tags: better sex guide, sex health, biohacking sex

Once you have found a fuck buddy and you are generally having hook ups on a regular basis, most people turn their focus and energy away from seeking more partners and towards increasing the fun that is to be had with those said partners. Makes sense, once you have the quantity, you want to start making sure that you improve the quality of your time together. When it comes to being better in bed, there is a ton of information out there. Books, videos, advice columns… everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject. There are also a number of approaches that you can take to improving you and your fuck buddy’s time in bed together. You can look at technique, you can work on your “inner game” better described as your own psychology surrounding sex, you can also choose to explore personal fantasy for both of you which is a great way to boost your sex life. You can also take it from two angles, making your fuck buddy have a better time whilst having sex, or making yourself have a better time. Whilst the two are linked, most actions tend to improve one side more than the other. The one thing that people often neglect to talk about is the biology.

It is widely accepted that “we are what we eat.” Your body is ultimately made up of the matter from food that has been processed and reconstituted to grow your various parts. We know that if we eat badly we look and feel differently, so why should this not be true of how we do in bed? Well, it is true we just generally don’t really think about it that much. We can alter our sex lives and performance in bed by changing the chemicals that we put into our bodies. This is called biohacking.

There are extreme examples of biohacking out there in the field of sexual enjoyment and performance. Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Coffee and the man that most people attribute the term “biohacking” to has taken some rather extreme steps. Dave regularly injects his penis with stem cells. He says that this is a perfect cure for erectile disfunction, but he also claims that he has no problems with erectile disfunction so go figure. Regardless, he still does it, and whilst I am not suggesting that you go to such extreme lengths, unless of course you do have erectile disfunction issues in which case go and try it, I am saying that you should think about what you put into your body in order to have better sex.

For now I will leave you to think about it. You can even talk to your fuck buddy about it, doing something like this with someone else is an excellent way to ensure that you both go the distance. I will follow this up with a more details article on the subject. For now, look after yourself and have fun!

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