Can the UK energy crisis help you hook up with a fuck buddy

26 Nov 2022 - 07:21 | Tags: pulling in the pub, finding sex
British Pub with 2 girls during the energy crisis

The UK energy crisis is here and things are starting to get difficult indeed. Gas prices are going up as is electricity prices. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of oil prices going down any time soon. For those with the option of heating their houses or homes using wood fires, this is a cheaper alternative to using central heating and a nice way of doing it… but even wood is starting to go up do to the unexpected demand in light of the energy crisis. Prices really are getting high to the degree that it is difficult for some people to afford the basics here. This is a really unusual and unexpected time for people in Great Britain, and it is affecting people across the UK, in Scotland and Wales as well as England and even Northern Ireland. So with the difficulty in being able to easily and unthinkingly turn on the heating and heat your house, flat or home, where is the silver lining? Well, it could help you with finding a fuck buddy!

People are working more from the office

Office buildings and workplaces are heated at no cost to the individual worker. This means that more people are now going into the offices because it can be cheaper than staying at home, and tis is taking into account travel costs. This is excellent for hooking up, as work hooks up are always a great option and the pool of potential people gets larger because of the energy crisis. So consider going into your place of work more (if you are usually a work-from-home person) and see who you might meet.

People gather in warm, social buildings, e.g. the pub

A lovely warm British pub is suddenly an even more appealing place to hang out. If you know that you are going home to a cold unheated house, then staying in the pub longer becomes a more appealing prospect and one that is easily accepted. This gives you more time to meet and hook up with more people, making it easier to find a fuck buddy in Britain.

Sleeping with a fuck buddy is cheaper!

It is cheaper to heat one room than two… so sleeping with a fuck buddy is cheaper! You heat less spaces because you share! Additionally, you also, ahem, generate your own heat whilst having fun together. Two bodies are warmer than one!

So if you are having trouble, consider finding a fuck buddy!

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