Costume: Dress Dirty for a deliciously hard time

20 Feb 2016 - 10:28 | Tags: cosplay, fetish, summer sex tips

So you have a booty call all ready and in the bag. Maybe it is a long term partner or maybe it is someone new whom you have never slept with before. It might be inside a monogamous relationship or it could be a nice relaxed fuck buddy type set up. It doesn't really matter. What you need to remember is that the clothing counts. Think about it

The first time you met a girl with the intention of seducing her, the first time you arrived filled with lust ready to express your desire for each other, you did not turn up wearing your big brothers cast offs! You dressed to impress. That is not to say you did a James Bond, a tuxedo and tie are not necessary. I just mean you really thought about what you were wearing. It was your style, but damn you looked stylish wearing whatever you were... and the best bit was that she did the same. She made an effort, she looked hot, and when you removed each other’s clothes from each others bodies your expectation was that they would look amazing naked because damn they looked fucking great clothed. So what changed?

Why did you start making less of an effort as time went on? Why did you think you could have as good sex by turning up with no thought as when you arrived having prepared for the seduction? What idiocy is this?! And why did the same thing happen to her?

What you look like when you arrive can make a huge difference, and rather than make less effort I would suggest the opposite is true. To combat the fact you know each other, making more effort to look good is the way to go with this.

Obvious ways to go are events where you have a good excuse to do this. Go to a formal event so you *can* James Bond it if that's your thing. If it is not consider a CosPlay event, I can guarantee that the woman look particularly amazing at these things! If that seems a little Vanilla to you go check out a more risky fetish type party – Torture Garden is a great place to start for anyone new to this. The environment of everyone getting dressed sexy normalises it, and the results are you and your f-buddy remembering al the reasons that you are in lust with each other. The results? Great sex!

So have a think and consider doing something to kick the costume up a notch. You won’t regret it.

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