Covid-19: turbo charging the fuck buddy relationship

29 Mar 2021 - 00:01 | Tags: COVID-19 sex, Coronavirus and sex

When we first meet someone we fancy, things have a certain pace. You see the person, you like them, you engineer a reason to go and talk to them, you get a number. From there you do some texting meet up another time or two, and then boom you are having sex. That is a very usual and acceptable speed.

Things usually go a little faster in the adult dating world. When you are looking for a fuck buddy, a hook up, or just a friends with benefits, things tend to move at a much faster speed. On a night out that would mean seeing someone you fancy, engineering a reason to go and meet them, and if things go well, then you are likely to find yourself having sex that same night.

Covid-19 has turbocharged the entire process, and now everything happens much quicker. What used to be a mini courtship in one night no longer even takes that one night. With an inability to go out easily and meet people, things have turned online. People meet each other digitally, they maybe text a bit or do a video call… and that is all that is needed before the next stage of having sex. What used to take an entire night out can now be done counting time in just a couple of hours. Things are moving at a lightning speed and people are hooking up with a fuck buddy faster than ever before. Why is this happening you may ask?

I think this comes down to necessity. The basic drive to have sex remains stronger than ever. The pandemic has not reduced it, if anything it has increased it! There is plenty of science that proves that in times of danger and perceived death, our sexual desire is increased. We are more likely to find someone sexually attractive if we are in danger than if we are not. The theory is that it is our survival instinct, if we think we are going to die we want to pass on our genes before we cork it! So people want to have sex more than ever before.

The pandemic means that meeting people face to face and going through that ritual is just no longer possible, which means that instead they do it online and they do it quickly. There is no point in waiting about, if you like someone, you just go for it and jump into bed with them. This has been excellent for so many people, but had you asked me a year ago I would never have predicted it.

So if you are looking for a fuck buddy, now is an outstanding time to get one!

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