Dirty Talk for bigger harder Orgasms

If you are really comfortable with dirty talking – skip this article now, I am preaching to the congregation. If you are not – read on, for your life may be on the moment of changing forever!

Dirty talk – it is something that most people are uncomfortable with. They are not used to doing it, it is not something that is taught in schools, you don’t get to practice it with your friends. Dirty talk comes natural to *no one*. Remember this. No one is naturally good at it – the only way is to practice a little, get it wrong sometimes, then improve over time.

So why bother you ask? Why make the effort to get good at something that is so outside of your comfort zone that it is almost painful to try to start with? Why push through the pain and possible embarrassment of saying words that have rarely left your mouth, and never in that order? Two words: Great Sex.

Higher Horney = Bigger Orgasms

The more turned on you are the bigger your orgasms get. The more you are crazy with lust at the moment of coming the hard you will come and more you catapult yourself into the nothing of ecstasy that you seek. So the more turned on you can get the better it is for you and your partner. So what is the solution to this problem of increasing how horny you and your partner are... DIRTY TALK!

Excitement happens in the mind. One of the things about excitement is that it is really similar to fear. Fear is excitement without the breath... so if the thought of dirty talk makes you nervous then great! It means that you are likely to be able to really benefit from the sex boost that it can provide.

Where to start

• Start simple. The easiest way to begin is to text your partner during the daytime that you are thinking about them, then build from there.
• Go first: Always be brave and go first. You have to be willing to make yourself vulnerable if you want the other person to match what you do. It is human instinct to reciprocate what one person does, so if you put yourself out there first – they will likely follow
• Say what you feel. The more congruent you are with what you say the easier it is to say it, so be brave and say what you actually feel / think
• Be bold and strong with the way you say it. If you say it with confidence you are going to be well received. If you are timid and nervous with the way you say it, it will be a lot less sexy.

When is the best time to start?

NOW! So get out there and start talking dirty.

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