Hooking up on a train

Welcome to the fuck buddy website, the place where we can help like-minded individuals find other adults for adult dating and adult fun. There are many places that you can find or meet a potential friends with benefits, hook up or other no strings attached relationships. For most of us, the two readily available places are bars and the internet. These are both excellent places to find someone. They are efficient, fun to be on and the other people there are generally looking for the same thing so you are in the right place. This can be a bit of a numbers game, so playing the numbers is a really good idea if you can do it. However, there are other places that take advantage of the NET time theory, which I will now explain.

NET stands for “No Extra Time”. This is where you do a task or activity that takes “no extra time” away from another activity that you were certainly going to do. The obvious example of this that we all do is travel. If I get on a train, tube or bus and then read a book, listen to music or even watch a film or tv show on your phone, that activity takes no extra time up. You were always going to have to spend an hour on that train, so watching something is like doing it for free! It is different to watching it at home when you could be doing something else. Watching or reading things on trains is completely guilt-free as you were always going to have to be on the train anyway! The same can be applied to when you are trying to hookup.

Without a doubt, a bar is a better place to hook up with someone than a train… but when you go to a bar you have to make the time to do it. Whilst when you are on a train, you were always going to be there anyway, so why not take advantage of being there by using the free time to hit on someone? This is especially true if you see someone that you actually like. When you see someone you fancy, you should definitely move on that!!! Remember, it is like a “free” action taking no extra resource up, so you may as well spend it. The success ratio will be lower than a bar, but over the course of a month, you can definitely do it enough to get some success. Remember, it is a numbers game!

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