How to have more sex – make an effort

22 Nov 2020 - 09:08 | Tags: Coronavirus and sex, how to get more sex

Welcome to the fuck buddy website, the place where we help you find like-minded individuals to have no strings attached fun with. Today I want to talk about how to have more sex. The most obvious way is to just put yourself out there more. Sex, romance, relationships… to a degree there are a numbers game. The more people that you meet the more likely you are to meet someone that you vibe with. This is true whether you are looking for a hookup, a friends with benefits or a long term relationship. We don’t always know why we fancy someone, only that we do, so the more people we meet the more likely that we will meet someone that we want to have sex with that also wants to have sex with us back. When that happens it is a win-win on both sides!

I stumbled across this article on the guardian website which asked the question would like be better if I made more effort? The article goes into quite a discussion, but the simple answer is yes! I am not talking about the impossible here, not that you need to be born into a different body entirely or to go and have plastic surgery in order to significantly change how you look… but the reality is that most people’s lives would be better if they made more effort. For most people they don’t because they set the bar too high. They incorrectly think that making more effort involves going to the gym 5 times a week, giving up all the things that they like to eat and becoming a vegan. This is simply not true. There are some simple and non-life-changing steps that everyone can make to make their lives better, and it does not involve a major life upheaval.


You do not need to ‘exercise’ that is a word that is filled with the feeling of hard work and difficulty. Instead, just move every day. You don’t have to do much, just get your 10,000 steps in a day and you are done.

Buy less junk food

Trying to eat less junk is hard. Not buying it in the first place is much easier and once it is not in the house you then can’t eat it! Simple!

Dress nice even when on video calls

How you look does change how people treat you. Making sure that your top half is looking good will make people treat you in a nicer way… and the best part? You can be sitting in shorts or even just your boxers on the bottom half and no one will ever know!

All of this will help you as the world treats you that little bit more nicely and this translates directly to having sex. So if you want to get laid a little more, consider just taking these three easy steps to have more sex.

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