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30 Jul 2014 - 14:00 | Tags: sex for the shy

This is something that isn’t talked about enough, but not every man is a natural pussy magnet and not every woman is a natural man eater…especially when it comes to sex. So what do you do if you’re shy? How do you initiate sex if you’re not sure how your partner will respond?

Well the answers are simpler then you realise because truth be told, no one is 100% certain what’s going to happen when sex is initiated. The most simplified answer to the question would be to say “Just go with it!” but this doesn’t help the shy person.

A how to guide for the shy guy
1. Women generally like a guy to lead…so fake confidence
This is pretty simple to do. If you’re nervous sometimes the best thing to do is to dick around a bit before having sex. Start smiling whilst playing with your partner. Be a bit silly. If you can get her laughing before the sex, it won’t matter so much if you’re shy as she’ll already be into you and will forgive any nervous movements during.

2. Talk
Nothing beats nervousness then talking about it. Women like it when a guy opens up to his feelings. So if you’re worried about things, have a chat with your partner first explaining your worries – trust me again you’ll be onto a winner.

3. Have a go Joe!
Again women love confidence so if you’re not feeling confident, just have a go anyway. Even if you fuck it up, she’ll love you for trying.

4. Be silly
Nothing beats shyness like acting like a complete idiot. Being an idiot has served many men well in the past. So being silly and playing around in the bedroom is a guaranteed way to reduce nerves…for both parties.

5. Remember…she might be shy too!
The moment you understand that women can feel very self conscious about their bodies and tiny imperfections that we actually find endearing…is the moment you realise that they feel shy too. That will give you increased confidence in what you’re doing…especially if you worship those things she says she doesn’t like.

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