How to overcome sexual performance anxiety

28 May 2022 - 23:50 | Tags: sex anxiety, sex health

In our last article, we talked about what sexual performance anxiety is. To briefly recap, it is where someone experiences worry, stress, nervousness or anxiety triggered by the thought or action of having sex. The difference between it verse something that is a passing feeling rather than a problem, is that these feelings are strong enough to manifest symptoms to the person experiencing them. They can result in a reduced sex drive, increased heart rate and difficulty in having sex through a number of other symptoms. In this article, we are going to look more closely at what causes sexual performance anxiety and how to overcome it.

What causes sexual performance anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety generally stems from psychological issues. These can be varied in form and manifest in a variety of ways. These can also trigger in both men and women, and there is no data that I have found that suggests that one gender over the other suffers more acutely or more commonly from sexual performance anxiety. As such both genders need to be aware of it. Causes of sexual performance anxiety include the following:

  • Issues with ones body image, how one looks or other appearance perception issues
  • Temporary or acute stress
  • A single strong negative sexual experience (or several) can cause sexual performance anxiety
  • The fear of being rejected is a very common cause. Many woman purport this as a cause, and it is a widespread issue even among people who do not suffer from sexual performance anxiety. Being scared of being pushed away can even manifest with a fuck buddy. Even where you have made an agreement that it is without strings attached, there can still be a fear of being rejected by the fuck buddy for a future encounter.
  • Generally low sense of self-esteem and confidence can be the cause
  • The fear of not being able to deliver, perform or otherwise engage in sex can be the root cause of sexual performance anxiety

How to overcome sexual performance anxiety

If you are suffering, consider the following.

  • Talk to your fuck buddy about it. Explaining what you are feeling and going through can often be a huge step. Once they understand the pressure it off. You can then act with less stress and an understanding person, which can help you make the journey to defeating it.
  • Therapy. Having counselling, ABS or other therapy can be very helpful.
  • Medication. We cannot on this website suggest specific drugs, but they are available and talking to your doctor about it could lead to you getting the help that you need.

So, if you have this issue, take some steps. Your future self will be grateful to you for solving the issue.

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