Leave the lights on for your fuck buddy

21 Sep 2020 - 00:37 | Tags: fucking fun, tips for casual sex

Sex is great. Having someone to have sex with on a regular basis is even better! I honestly feel that if everyone had a fuck buddy, not only would the world be a better place but we might actually have a chance at world peace! One of the main reasons people do not have the amount of sex that they would like is because they are coupled with a partner for the medium term and the sex just died off after a while. With a fuck buddy that just doesn’t happen. The sex is the main reason that you are together so if it dies the relationship that you have dies and you will both quickly replace the other with a fuck buddy that is much more willing.

So you have a fuck buddy, but what about when you want to spice things up in the bedroom? Well to help you with that, here is one of the best sex tips of all time.

Leave the lights on

Yes there is a tendency to turn the lights off, it makes a lot of people feel more comfortable and there is an element of body consciousness that darkness deals with. However, if you want to have amazing sex, leave the lights on! As humans we are extremely reliant on our eyesight. Most of our input comes from what we see, we navigate our day to day lives with our sight… so why would that suddenly change when we are in the bedroom? It doesn’t! Leaving the lights on allows you to navigate your fuck buddies body with a greater level of skill and ease. We all get a kick out of seeing that pleasure in the other person's eyes, and that happens more easily with a lighted room. You can also respond to the subconscious visual signals that your fuck buddy will be sending you with their body if you can see them.

If you want to go slow, try lighting a few candles, soft lighting has always been a big win! It leaves you and your fuck buddy looking better in the soft glow lighting whilst also heating the room with the flame which makes it more comfortable when you undress each other (ideally with your teeth!). For those of you who like to push things in the bedroom, hot wax can also be a fun thing to play with if you are feeling a bit kinky!

So next time you get your friends with benefits to pay you a visit, leave the lights on!

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