The summer sun brings out all the hotties

Horny girl in the summer in London

Sometimes it can be really hard to get motivated enough to find a fuck buddy, even when you know you want one. If you have been out of the marketplace for a while this can make it even harder. It is easy to get into the habit of being alone, and by “alone” I don’t mean bereft of people entirely, I just mean without a friends with benefits or someone you can hook up with easily and pleasurably. If it has been more than 6 months since you booty called someone (or were the recipient of a booty call) the you are also likely out of the habit. We are creatures of habit by our very nature. We get accustomed to certain things or certain ways of living. After 6 months without sex it is very easy to be in the habit of not having sex and that can further reduce your desire or motivation to have sex. Luckily for you, that is all about to change. Why you might ask me? Allow me to answer you in one word. Summer.

Summer is coming in and very soon all the hotties will be out on the streets. Summer is an amazing time for meeting members of the opposite sex, having hook ups or other sexual encounters. Subjectively, it also feels like all the hotties come out in the summer. Suddenly the streets, beaches and parties are all filled with people who ooze sex. It feels like the number of hot people has increased… but where have all these hotties been hiding for the rest of the year? They weren’t there just a few months ago, so where did they come from? Do they spend the winter months hiding or in another country, only to then arrive by plane/train/magic carpet to remind us that it is worth the effort? Not at all! They have been there all the time, it is just in the presentation.

The summer sun and the summer heat mean that we all wear less clothing. We all switch to having our arms, shoulders sometimes midriffs on display. For some people, knowing that this is what will happen causes an increased motivation to work out, go to the gym, lose weight and generally be healthier. This in turn means that they look better, increasing the overall hotness. Ultimately, putting more skin on display makes you look open to sex, which is why the summer seems like all the hotties come out to play. They have been there the whole time, but we have failed to notice them.

So, if you are currently single or without a fuck buddy, get out there and find a fuck buddy this summer. Now is the perfect time to start.

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