Top 10 Sex Toys 2013: Part 1

7 Jul 2013 - 09:00 | Tags: sex toys, top 10 sex toys

Nothing wrong with bringing a bit of extra help into the bedroom especially if you or your fuck buddy are tired or feeling a little ‘meh’ about sex lately. So whilst chatting about our favourite sex toys, yours truly decided to fire up the laptop and have a little peruse online to see what the biggest sellers are at the moment. Some of the results surprised me, some didn’t. Can you guess what the number 1 seller is?

You probably can, but to tease you a little bit, I’ve ordered the top 10 in reverse order and split it into 2 posts, so you’ll have to wait a few more days before we reveal the number 1.


10. Tenga Flip
Primarily for the guys. The Tenga Flip is a boy’s masturbation sleeve. Encased in a plastic tube that flips open, the man can close it and then slide in and out of the soft hole in the base.
Additions: A vacuum pump and buttons along the shaft to provide additional stimulation.
Price: £50-70 depending on retail outlet

9. I Rub My Duckie Paris
One for the women. This Duckie could be mistaken for a normal rubber duck you’d play with in the bath. The difference here is that ‘Duckie’ mildly vibrates and can be used against the clitoris whilst bathing to build you up to an intense orgasm.
Additions: Your shower head – use it in conjunction with Duckie. Just don’t blame us if you scare the neighbours whilst screaming.
Price: £10-£30 depending on model and retail outlet

8. Wooden Dildo
Great if you’re one of the ‘save the world’ brigade women. This dildo looks like a wooden spoon with a double hole where you’d expect the base to be. It’s designed to emulate the curves of a woman’s body and optimise G-Spot massage.
Additions: Your fingers
Price: £80-£100 depending on retail outlet

7. Vibrating Rock Chick
Another one for the girls, this is the ultimate alternative to the traditional vibrator. A U-Shaped vibrator that inserts into your vagina so the hooked end presses into your G-Spot while the external leg vibrates against your clitoris. A bit like having a man’s finger inside you whilst his thumb is massaging your clitoris. This is pretty powerful.
Additions: Waterproof so feel free to take it into the bath.
Price: £30-£40 depending on retail outlet

6. The Lipstick Vibrator
Great for two people! This discreet lipstick styled vibrator provides intense powerful stimulation at the twist of the stick. The great thing is you can take it anywhere and no one would bat an eyelid.
Additions: None. Just make sure you don’t lend it to a friend wanting to borrow some lipstick
Price: £20-£40 depending on retail outlet

Join us next time where we’ll reveal the final 5 of this year’s top selling sex toys.

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