Top texts to send to your fuck buddy the day after

30 Oct 2022 - 23:19 | Tags: when to text after sex, texting, dirty texting
texting the day after

Finding a fuck buddy can take a lot of effort. It can be a real chore sometimes, but when you find one all that effort is worth it. There are many staple things in life that will make you happy. Good food is a real pleaser, being warm (pretty basic) but that is a really happiness giver. Having sex with someone for the first time is also a real kicker! That being said, whilst the first time there are a lot of things to do with the newness and novelty that make it really good, when it comes to having really deep pleasure it takes time to get to know each other. You really do need to learn to play each other, in some ways it is like learning to play an instrument. The more you practice, the better you get. Just like learning music, whilst learning the notes stays the same across everything, each piece (or person) comes with their own nuances. So getting to hook up with the same person a second time is always good.

So you have a great time, you want to hook up with that person again… what do you text them the next day in order to make that happen? Well if you are having trouble coming up with what to send, here are some top suggestions of what you can text to maximise your chances of hitting that up again.

“Last night was hot, hot, HOT (even if I do say so myself)!”

So this is a compliment that is then rounded off with turning it to yourself. You want to compliment, but by jokingly taking credit keeps it playful and bleeds out any neediness (which is a real sex killer). This is solid one to use.

“Care for round two?”

I love the directness of this one. You are straight in there. This says that you had fun, you liked them and you are up for it again. It also oozes confidence to the maximum. Only really confident people would go this direct. It remains a little jokey due to the “round to” reference to a fight.

“The first time isn’t always great, but last night was astonishing”

This is also really strong. The reader, your targeted no strings attached relationship, starts by thinking that you are saying that it wasn’t great… and then BAM you turn it around and flip the script. They will read it and, at the least, smile. More likely you will get something back.

So if you had a good time with your fuck buddy, ping out one of these and see if you can do it again!

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