Top three tips to upskill your sex life!

Adult dating has become very normal in the modern western world, and what a relief it is that this has happened. Sex is something that makes everyone healthier and happier. It is good for the brain as it stimulates blood flow, it is good for the body as it is a legitimate calorie burning exercise, it is good for the soul as it releases happy hormones into the body that raise a sense of well being and, well, happiness! Sex is excellent, and we should all be having more of it.

Once you have a fuck buddy or a friend with benefits, you might be thinking about wanting to improve your sex life. This is a good thing! Upskilling your sex is a great way to make the experience better for both of you. Better sex means more of the good stuff listed above. Better sex also leads to more sex! If you both have a good time, you will find that your fuck buddy comes running back for more frequently. So how can you upskill you sex life? Here are my three top tips!

Look after your little man

Most people pay attention to how they look. They wash their clothes, they keep their hair looking nice and trimmed, they pay attention to how they smell… the one thing that many en neglect is how they are doing down under. This is such an easy thing to address and will upskill you in the bedroom. Think about getting a trimmer and trimming some of the hair around your ball sack and scrotum. Keep the whole area super clean… a clean penis is one that a woman is more likely to want to put inside her. Consider moisturising, there are huge benefits from having a soft cock, your fuck buddy will love it. In the event that something happens, go to a doctor immediately and get it checked out. It is worth getting over the temporary embarrassment in return for long term sexual performance.

Play games: no hands

Playing games in the bedroom is a great way to upskill! Things that are fun but teasing are perfect. Try having sex with your fuck buddy but you are not allowed to use your hands. This is such a good one. Another variation is to go down on her, but the second she uses her hands to do anything you stop!

Practice makes perfect

Have more sex. They say practice makes perfect, and it really does! The more sex you have, the better you can become… IF you reflect afterwards. Each time, think about something that you want to focus on doing during that sex session. This could be spend longer going down on your friends with benefits, or it could be to make sure your fuck buddy is completely relaxed before getting to it. Reflection then practice is the key.

So good luck, and have fun!

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