What makes a man sexy

22 Jan 2019 - 14:39 | Tags: being attractive, being sexy, how to be sexy

As humans, we judge people by very different standards depending on the environment that we meet them. For example, when we meet someone in the work place, we are looking for something that is polite, courteous and helpful. We look for someone that is competent as this is often important as well. Primarily, the “nice guy” will do well in the workplace. When it comes to choosing a fuck buddy, however, the rules are completely different to at work or anywhere else for that matter. What makes someone likeable to someone’s parents is very different to what makes them attractive to a potential sex partner. For a woman this is judged heavily on how they look, but also on how affectionate they are as people. Being kind and caring, and coming across as such, is a really great trait when it comes to the sexual marketplace. In this article I would like to talk about what makes a man sex in order to help all those guys out there get the fuck buddy of their dreams!


Yes, appearance can make a difference, but this really only at the extreme ends. If you are 6 foot 5 and have a 6 pack, yes you are going to get a lot of interest from potential friends with benefits. On the other end of the scale, if you are short, extremely over weight and smell like you haven’t washed for days, then yes you are likely to be quickly excluded as a potential sex partner. However, if you are somewhere in the middle, then becoming better looking is not something that is going to make much of a difference to your life. You should focus on the element below to up your fuck buddy hit ratio.

Being dominant

Being dominant and displaying signs of being dominant are a definite turn on. Scientists say this comes from our cave man days when being dominant meant you were better able to protect your partner. This still works to date but is now judged differently. It is now more important to do things like dress smartly, having a high-powered job displays dominance as well. You can also do it in your actions. Order at the bar, make decisions when hanging out. Choose the place you are going to eat. It is small but simple steps that display dominance. This is not about being a nasty person, it is just about being someone who is able to know you are mind and carry out your desires. It is about being able to walk and move in the world in the way that you want to.

This also translates to the bedroom. Most women want a man who is able to take charge within the confines of full consent of course. So if you want to be more sexy, try taking charge a little more, you will find it really helps.

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