Why Christmas is the perfect time to find a fuck buddy

29 Dec 2022 - 07:24 | Tags: Christmas Jumpers Sexy, christmas, holiday sex
Girl as Christmas is the perfect time to find a fuck buddy

Christmas is here and with it comes all the good cheer and happiness that the festive season brings. As so famously described by Nat King Cole: chestnuts roasting on an open fire (is that a real thing that people do?), Jack Frost nipping at your nose (with the general climate change that has occurred it’s actually quite warm here in the UK at the moment!), Yuletide carols being sung by the choir (we don’t get them knocking on doors anymore, but if you go to a church or if you work for a company that has a choir then this is something that is real) and folks dressed up like Eskimos (not sure I have seen this but, that being said, I have never met an Eskimo in real life so what on earth do I know, right?!). Regardless of how accurate the Christmas songs are, now really is a great time to find a fuck buddy. Allow me to explain why.

Christmas is generally a family time

Christmas is generally a family time. Everyone gets together, they take stock of the year and catch up on where people are at with their lives both work and personal. It is that second one that is the important word here, personal. People that are single find themselves, inevitably, spending time with people that are not. Those people that are not single have a tendency to, well, shall we get to the point and use the phrase “rub it in people’s faces” that they are no single. In some cases, this is accidental or unintentional. Perhaps they are still in the honey mood period of their relationship so they can’t help but ooze the joy and sexual energy of that new relationship. Perhaps they aer just genuinely happy to be with the other person… but sometimes it is more that they use your single status by comparison to make themselves feel better about their own life, because (in their mind) they are doing “better” than you/the single person because they are not. This can be a useful tool. How?

The pressure is a useful tool to help drive and motivate fuck buddies to hook up

The pressure of all the joyful romantic stuff that comes with Christmas can drive and motivate people to get together with a fuck buddy or hook up. This is great for you because it means it is easier to hook up at this time of the year.

So if you are single and ready to mingle, now is a great time. You should go for it!

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