Your hotness level matters less with a fuck buddy, not more

30 Apr 2021 - 00:47 | Tags: how to be hot, how to get laid, looks and sex
hotness and sex

When it comes to the adult dating world and the selection of a fuck buddy, looks matter. The first thing that we do is look at the other person and wonder to ourselves – do I want to have sex with that person? How we look is the main driving factor for this superficial level of sexual desire and attractiveness. So do looks make a difference? Of course they do! If you are super hot, you are going to have more people who want to sleep with you than if you are not. There are also studies that have shown that we associate attractiveness with people being “better” or “nicer” and this leads more attractive people to having better jobs, earning more money, even getting better interest rates on loans. The list is endless in that respect. However, there is an important distinction to make here, not being hot does not reduce your chances of having sex with a fuck buddy. Allow me to explain.

With a long term relationship, there are so many things that are being considered. Do I want to be with this person long term? Can I have kids with this person? Do I want to love, support and invest in this person? Can I introduce this person to my friends and family? Due to all of this, how the person looks makes a much bigger difference on your choice to sleep with them. With a fuck buddy none of this matters. You are not going to introduce this person to your friends and family, you do not have to love and support them for years to come. You are not going to grow old with them, nor are you going to pass on their genetic seed to any children you may have. This means that when it comes to looks, it is not about being super hot, it is actually more about not being super unattractive!

As long as you are over a certain threshold of looks by that person’s standards, you can have sex. For a lot of people that bar is actually set quite low due to the low investment and pressure of the fuck buddy relationship agreement. During times of sexual drought, that bar is lowered even further.

So if you are not a super model, if you are not a 10/10 and you do not have a 6 pack, don’t worry about it. Nor do the millions of other people that are going to have sex this very day, and it has not gotten in their way! So set aside your fears, get out there and go and get what you want.

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