How to be a god in bed – part 2

30 Nov 2021 - 19:09 | Tags: getting good in bed, British sex advice
Man with hot woman in bed

Welcome to the fuck buddy website, your one stop shop to finding a like minded adult to have a no strings attached relationship with. In a previous article we spoke about how to be good in bed, giving some tips designed for men. We understand here the important of good quality sex. Yes quantity is helpful, but less sex of a higher quality can be a great approach. Having high quality sex takes some effort. You have to want to have better sex and be willing to do something about it. In fact, the effort required is relatively small, every man can be better in bed with just some small changes, but many men do not think about this. Some of this is to do with the abundant access to sex. When you can just more to the next person, you think less about whether the other person is having a good time, focusing more on yourself. This is a mistake. If you want to be having the best sex of your life, you need the other person to also be having the best sex of their life. The sexual experience is a shared one between you and your fuck buddy, so it is really important that you think about both parties. The advantages to better sex go beyond simply increasing the quality… it also increases the quantity as they come back for more. So, think quality first and the quantity will come with time. With that in mind, here are some top tips for men on how to be a god in bed.

Schedule the sex

In all the films that we see, sex often happens spontaneously without any preplanning. Whilst this can happen, more often having a little plan in place is a much better idea. If you put a little planning into it, you can enhance the sexual experience for both of you by ensuring the right time, place and mood for the sex with your fuck buddy. So have a little think about it, and remember, you don’t have to be explicit with your fuck buddy that you are planning the sex. Allow them the plausible deniability and that will increase the pleasure.

Avoid routine

That being said, planning is good but avoid routine. If you have a regular fuck buddy, do not meet and have sex every Thursday evening after meeting at the pub. This will quickly make it feel like it is mundane even if it is not. So mix up the times and the places to keep things for you and your fuck buddy fresh.

Do not underestimate the quickie

When people think about being a god in bed, they often think it takes a long time. Yes taking your time can be helpful, but never forget that a good quickie in the right time and place can be great! The expectations on a quickie are lowered, so actually it can be less intense for both you and your fuck buddy and still feel like great sex. So consider slotting this into your “to-do” list for you and who ever you are hooking up with.

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