How to be a sex god. Top sex advice for men (part 6)

Welcome to the fuck buddy website. If you are looking for a fuck buddy then you have come to the right place. We help our members meet other like-minded individuals in order to adult date. Adult dating has become bigger than ever in recent years. More and more people have a friends with benefits relationship set up, or another no strings attached relationship. Being able to “booty call” someone when you want to is the best. Everyone loves sex. If we were all having more of it, I think that there may finally be world peace!

Here we take it further though. We would like to help in ways beyond finding a fuck buddy. We would like to help you be a sex god. The better sex that you are having, the better sex your partner is having and ultimately the better time for all. Getting better in bed is a win-win. We have already run a series of articles on how to be a sex god. This is part 6 of the series. We will be exploring one key piece of advice that can take your sex to the next level.

Explore all erogenous zones, not just the obvious

It is natural to focus on the genitals when having sex and seeking to stimulate our fuck buddy. There is nothing wrong with this at all and it should be encouraged. That is a way to have good sex, maybe great sex, but if you want to be a sex god you have to expand your horizons. There are other erogenous zones that you can play with other than the genitals. Perhaps your fuck buddy might enjoy having their ear nibbles, or their neck stroked. Some people love the brush of a breast against a particular place, maybe an arm. Some women find nipple stimulation so arousing that it can literally bring them to orgasm! The key here is to learn what your fuck buddy likes, because it is different for different people. You can find this out in different ways. The trial and error approach is a good one. Try something and see what the results are. Make a mental note of what they like then repeat that! The other way is to just ask them. My personal approach is to combine the two. Do something (like stroke their neck) and ask at the same time “how does that feel” or “do you like that”.

So I urge you to expand your horizons and a sex god you will be!

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