How to biohack your way to better sex Part 2

If you are reading this, it is because you are on the fuck buddy website, unless someone has stolen this article and cut and pasted it onto a separate website, in which case shame on you for taking my work! If you are here you probably already have someone that you are having sex with. Given how much sex is a fundamental part of our health and happiness, once you start looking it is easier than you might think to have a hook up or find a friends with benefits relationship. There are as many women who want them as much as men do, so it is just case of finding each other, after that you can enjoy being fuck buddys for as long as it is good for both of you. So, if you are here I am going to assume that you have a fuck buddy. This article follows up with more details on a previous article about using biohacking for better sex. For details on what biohacking is, see that article.

The biohacking ethos

Treat the problem, not the symptom. So if you have erectile dysfunction for example, you could take a pill which would help solve this in the short term. That pill fixes the symptom by making you hard, but does nothing for the underlying problem which is still there.

Diet for better sex

This is the obvious one. If you are on an unhealthy diet you are going to struggle more with anything physical. Anything at all! If you are overweight you are performing all physical tasks sub-optimally, which includes sex. If you never eat anything with vitamins and minerals in it, you are not giving your body what it needs. Imagine having a Ferrari car, then complaining when it drives badly if you put diesel in it instead of petrol. Eating tons of sugar, oil and salt is like putting paint thinner in your engine. Just don’t do it.


Being fit is great for sex. Your body is in great condition, you are able to move and perform well, blood flow is good! Watch out for HIT workouts if you are a man. High intensity workouts release stress hormones which reduce testosterone in the body and this has been proven to reduce sex drive. So be fit but stay away from too much HIT!

Take a test and focus on happy hormones

You can go to the doctor and get a full set of tests done to find out about your hormone levels and what you can do to improve things like testosterone. These are simple to implement, eating more fibre or flax seeds can help to inhibit something called Aromatase which turns testosterone into oestrogen, so reducing this will increase testosterone and your sex drive. It is all about measuring where you are at then taking action based on that.

Relax and enjoy your fuck buddy

The biggest thing is always to relax. The more relaxed you are the better that everything works and flows. You can also biohack this: no caffeine after 2pm to sleep better, no phones in bed to reduce blue light etc. Be relaxed and you are good to go.

So there we go. Think about biohacking your way to a better sex life. You will not regret it!

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