How to find a fuck buddy during the Coronavirus lock down

31 Mar 2020 - 18:19 | Tags: finding sex, can I have a fuck buddy

The United Kingdom is now in lockdown which means you can no longer just go out and do whatever you want whenever you want. Boris Johnson has put very clear and certain rules in place. As of now, thanks to COVID-19, you are only allowed to go out in order to:

  • Shop for basics like food
  • Medicinal reasons, such as going to the pharmacist or making a visit to a doctor
  • One form of exercise a day
  • Travelling to work but ONLY if you cannot work from home

This is an extremely restricted list of things that you can go out for, and to help enforce it most of the places that you might have wanted to go in an evening have been shut down. The pubs, bars, clubs, cinemas are all closed. I feel a little like we are living in the song Ghost Town by the Specials. So, if you can’t go out in the evenings, what is there left to do? One word: Sex.

In theory, this is the perfect time to grab your fuck buddy and have a lot of sex. Socially distancing yourself from the rest of society leaves you and a partner a lot of time to have a lot of sex. For anyone who hasn’t done it, the 30-day sex challenge would be a great thing to have a go at doing over the next 4.3 weeks. So if you already have a fuck buddy, you are good to go. What about if you don’t have a fuck buddy? The places where you might usually hook up with someone, the clubs, pubs, bars, they are all shut. Well here are my tops tips on how to find a fuck buddy during the coronavirus lockdown.

Use online dating

Using an online dating website to find a fuck buddy is the perfect way to get one right now. Everything is being pushed online. A lot of yoga classes and exercise leaders are now running their classes online, people are meeting in video chat rooms with a beer in hand to hang out in virtual “pubs” in the evenings, I have even seen an entertainer run a kids birthday party remotely with each kid dialling into a video chat room and the entertainer delivering from their computer screen. This means that people are spending more time than ever in front of their laptops and computers, which means that online communication is the way to chat them up! Using a fuck buddy website, like this one, is even more targeted as you know that everyone is looking for the same thing. Now is the perfect time to jump online and meet someone new.

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