Never forget the power of a good make out session

When it comes to being sexy, there are so many things that we focus on other that the kiss. I would like to cover what those are then remind you why taking it back to basics and focusing on the kiss is great thing to do.

The looks

We care about how we look, and this comes in two forms. We watch what we wear, is it a nice suit, an expensive dress? Does the colour match my eyes, do I look amazing in this? The other thing is our body. For guys it's usually about if they are muscle-bound enough, for the girls they tend to think about if they are thin enough, or their “bum looks big in this”. Personally, I think a good bum is a good bum, regardless of its size!

The exciting things we “do”

To keep things interesting and exciting in the relationship, we often look to the external things that we are doing and forget the internal. So where can we go for dinner, what film can we see, is there a theatre show that we should go and watch, where shall we go on holiday. All these things are important, and super fun, but don’t forget the internal.

The actual penetrative sex

This is of course very important, but it is also not the main part of the sexiness. Think about it, if you went straight for penetration without any build up, without anything else taking place in the run up to this, do you think that this would really be fun? The build up is so important.

Why the kiss is so good

The kiss is so good because it is so full of promise. The first thing you ever did with your fuck buddy was kiss, the first moment your friend became a friend with benefits was when the kiss took place. Before that, you were just friends. It is such a key moment, that a kiss will always hold immense power, and sometimes we forget to use that power. So here are a few top tips that you can try out to really get your kiss on.

  • Come up behind them and kiss them on neck gently, with no warning.
  • Kiss them slow and deep – then look them in the eyes afterwards with out saying anything for 10 seconds, enjoying the moment.
  • Put a movie on you have seen before, then randomly ignore it to make out during it.
  • Reenact your first kiss. If you can do this, it will bring back a whole host of sexiness.

So remember the power of the kiss, and enjoy a good make out session.

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