Understand your fuck buddy: why people lie about what they want in bed

31 Jul 2022 - 15:36 | Tags: sex and lies, sex fantasies, being better in bed
Phone saying they want to hear a fuck buddies sexual fantasy

Sex is a natural process and, frankly, everyone should be having more of it. I have said it before and I will say it again, if more people were having more sex, we would all be in a happier place! One way of increasing the quality of your sex is to understand it better. If you can understand your fuck buddy better, the better you can work to please each other more and more. Sex, whilst it really is a natural process, is also a complicated thing! Some people have studied it for a lifetime and never managed to learn everything about it. It has a complex science behind it… but when actioned best it is often approached as an art (with creativity). It is a powerful force as well. Let us not forget that ultimately Helen of Troy “the face that launched a thousand ships” to war was done so because one man wanted to have sex with a woman. To help you with this, here is something that you probably didn’t know about sex.

Ever wondered why people lie about what they really want in bed? Here is why.

Most people, during some points in their life (sometimes more), think that they are weird in regards to their sexual desires and wants. We all think that we are special snowflakes, that we are unusual. This is in the deep recesses of our hearts and you may need to dig really deep to discover it. It is there. This means that, if we think we are weird, that we can develop guilt about the fact that we are not normal when in reality we are universally deviant. To be abnormal is the norm. We are left in a place where to communicate what we want is to risk what the other person thinks of us. So we hold back for in truth the fear is justified and founded in reality. Nothing erotic is so with someone who isn’t “into it”. With the wrong person it is simple disgusting, horrible, detestible… and thus our sexual partner comes to detest us and even the most hardened of us will find pain and rejection in that. This is why it is hard to tell people what we really want…

…but if we can tell them we may find the solace that is sought. With two people coming together with an acceptance of the act, what can ensue is beautiful travesty. As both parties accept each other with their sexual desires as deviant as they may feel they are, and even more enact and embrace them, true extasy is found.

So if you wonder why you do not share even with your fuck buddy with whom you should be able to be open with sexually, this is why. This is also the reason to take the leap and do it anyway.


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