Want to be a god in bed? Top sex advice for men (part 3)

14 Dec 2021 - 22:53 | Tags: British sex advice, getting good in bed, sex tips
hot girl and man hooking up in bed

Welcome to the fuck buddy website. If you are here, it is because you are either looking for a fuck buddy or you have already successfully used this website to find one and you are now looking to up your sex game. Either way, we would be happy to help you! With the number of members having more “medium term” fuck buddies, we thought it would be good to do a series of top sex advice articles on how to be a god in bed for men. The idea is to help you increase the quality and intensity of the sex that you are having. This is most easily achieved when you are sleeping with someone you have slept with before, so the advice in this article and in our previous article on how to be a god in bed are most relevant for those with a friends with benefits set up in place or a fuck buddy they are keen on hooking up with more than once. However, being better in bed is always a good thing, so this is also helpful for pretty much anyone who is having (or looking to have) sex! So with that in mind, here is my bog top tip for this month on how to be a god in bed for men.

Do your sex research with your fuck buddy

Doing some sex research alone is a great way to prepare yourself for sex. It can build confidence and provide some much-needed guidance or advice about the mechanical aspects of having sex. That being said, if you want to have a better time in bed with your fuck buddy, consider doing the research with you fuck buddy! I am not talking about reading boring biology books on anatomy, this can be fun. I am suggesting that you watch some porn together or an adult movie. Perhaps read some erotica to each other, or read some erotic manga, what ever it is that you and your fuck buddy might be into. It is important that you have a conversation with your fuck buddy about what you are into before choosing your “research” method. If one of you isn’t into films, books or comics avoid that as the choice. Once you have chosen the medium doing the “research” together can really heat things up before you go to town on each other.

So get your research done and have fun!

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