Want to be a god in bed? Top sex advice for men (part 4)

hot woman in purple bra and man hooking up

Welcome to the fuck buddy website. Here at the f-buddy website, we not only want to help you meet the perfect hook up, we also want to ensure that when you do meet the perfect person for some casual dating, that you have a great time in bed. Before we start with the advice I think it is helpful to set the context. Everyone can have sex. It is hard wired into us and in my view no one is “bad” at sex. Yes of course we can better at pleasing ourselves and our fuck buddy over time, but I think it is important to remember that the best sex is the sex that you are having right now. The past sex is gone and the future sex is yet to be, so no matter how it “compares” with other times, the sex you are having is always the best! Now that is established, I would like to share some top tips on how to improve things for you and your fuck buddy. As started in our earlier articles on how to be a god in bed, here are some more top tips for men on how to be better in bed.

Begin foreplay outside the bedroom

We often can think that the sex and the foreplay all happen in the bedroom. If you are doing this, you are missing a great opportunity to start your foreplay where it can really begin, which is almost at any time. It can start from when you first get up on the morning with some flirting. It can continue through the day with a well-placed text message or two. It can certainly happen over dinner or what ever activity proceeds making it to the sex venue. So start early so that by the time you make it to the bedroom your fuck buddy is gagging for it.

Use lubricant

If you are not using lubricant, then this is an easy win. Adding this to the mix makes everything smoother and more lush. Popping some on the side of the bed is a really quick way to make the sex better for both of you.

Consider different orgasms

Both men and women can orgasm from ways other than penile penetration. For women this is more widely known, but for men they can also orgasm from stimulation to the prostate. If you have not experimented with this, consider trying it.

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