Fuck Buddy No Strings Attached

26 Feb 2010 - 12:08

Relationships have come a long way in the last century and people can now enjoy no strings attached sex. Monogamy is not looked upon so essentially and the idea of having a F Buddy is much more widely accepted, this is great news for those who love sex, never has it been easier to find a like-minded soul who feels the need for a simple, highly passionate, sexual affair.

Adult dating sites are widely available on the internet; a simple search will provide you with more hits than you could ever choose from. Although still sometimes considered taboo, the idea of these sites is widely marketed so they are easy to find. They are filled with other, normal people on the hunt for an f-buddy (or ten), you can have saucy conversations or simply arrange a time and a place to meet your new f-buddy for easy, no strings attached sex.

Sex isn’t about babies and duty anymore it is something to be enjoyed and if you can find someone to share that with whilst getting on with your single life then brilliant! Having a fuck buddy means you can still go out to your favourite club, flirt with work colleagues and meet up drunkenly with your ex. Or if you’d prefer to stay at home, relax on your own and not have to bother with going out to find other enjoyment then a f-buddy is certainly for you.

Sex is universal, everyone loves it and this means that there is an f buddy out there for everyone. You will see profiles of hot people of all different backgrounds and this means that you certainly won’t struggle to find someone who gets you hot.

Although having a fuck buddy is much less taboo than it used to be most sites promote a discreet sign up process which means that even if you do have friends, family, a boyfriend or a girlfriend who may disapprove then they need not know a thing.


hi im looking for a relationship from a lady that i will treat whith respect and not take for granted or leave high and dry because im a gentalman and if ur my lady u will come first and more hahaha honest and trustworthy guy tall dark and handsome young at hart 48 dont look it and neat and clean house trained i just want t find my girl not to much to asK i hope hahaha get in touch and we will see what pops up .x.

thanks for the comment snohnan! i mean i agree with a lot of what you said, which is what i was struggling with when i wrote this. i do let guys walk all over me, which is weird since i am so demanding and controlling with everyone else! i was trying to say that in spite of how guys i sleep with (and society as a whole) might think less of me because of this whole situation, in the end i don't really care. i think i care about people unconditionally i can control it, and say that i won't get upset over this guy, but i really do still care about him. i don't fight that even if i think he treats me badly. i don't know, this method is working out a lot better for me than pretending i don't care. in a way this method works better at protecting me than playing it cool, it gives me a peace of mind. i am not saying it's healthy, but it seems to be working for me!the sex was something i wanted to happen. in fact i was not going to let him leave without fucking me .haha. but seriously, i got upset and then after we talked and i cried (trying to hide it the whole time, mind you .haha) i felt better about it. sure i care about him, but even if he doesn't care about me i still want the sex.as for not showing how i am to guys, that's just not who i am. if a guy needs me to be hard to get until he falls for me, then it won't work out because that is not how i operate. i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve (ugh i hate that phrase) and hopefully someone will come along who likes that about me this is so complicated for me!! i think by writing this post i was trying to just say how i felt, and accept that it is what it is. so screw people's opinions, even this guy's, and screw dignity. i'm going to have emotional attachment to this guy, who i have screamed and cried over, and i might be getting some pain but i'm going to get my pleasure too dammit. i know this is a long comment, but i have to say that a part of me relishes in the fact that he endures listening to me talk and cry for an hour if he just wants to have sex with me! not that i planned it that way, but looking back on it, i find it amusing .maybe that is why i don't care much about dignity, because in this weird way i find happiness in my lack of it so what is your experience with guys that make you cry? i mean i know they must think girls who cry are obnoxious or crazy or something along those lines, but what did YOU think about it? i am just interested to hear someone else's opinion on guys who act like jerks.and it's too bad you didn't get the car sex!

iwant to fuck too r u a female

I'm 5/10 good looking athletic build ,tattoo dark hair, blue, green eyes. And a great fuck

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