How to have sex in hot weather

It is amazing how much the temperature can affect us in all sorts of ways. As humans we are really susceptible to the heat and the cold. Too cold and we freeze up, unable to function. We loose our co ordination, our fingers become fumbly and are limbs stiff (and not in a sexy good way!). The funny thing is that too hot and the same thing happens in terms of debilitation! Too hot and we want to lie around and do nothing, our motivation drops to an all time low and all we really want to do is sit around and not move. It is really hard to get anything involving physical labour done – even when it is something super fun like sex! What fickle picky creatures we are! We really need the exact right temperature in order to survive.

So summer rolls in and everything gets a little too warm what with global warming kicking in. You don’t want your sex life to diminish, so what do you do in order to keep things hot in the bedroom without them being so hot you do nothing at all!? Here are some top tips to get around it!

How Low can you go!

Did you ever do fire safety? Remember all that stuff about dropping to the ground because heat rises?! Well this is a universal truth! If things are getting hot upstairs in the bedroom, consider taking it downstairs to where it is much cooler! Not only can you benefit from the cooler temperatures lower down, if you are able to, taking it into the kitchen onto a naturally cool surface like the tiled floor will quickly drop things to where you can get to it!

Avoid skin contact

So much of sex is rubbing up and down each other... but this both generates a lot of heat, and you are also sharing your natural body warmth with the other person. Great for winter, bad for summer! Consider playing a game – sex with minimum contact! Doing it doggy style whilst standing up is particularly great for this.

Time to get her wet!

Take it to the water! The romantic “film” thing to do is have sex in a lake in the mountains, but failing that you have a shower you can do it in, a bath will also provide the same temperature drop, and for those of you looking for some frisky outdoor fun, a garden watering system like a sprinkler or a hose left on can be really rather exciting!

So don’t let the heat dampen your sexual spirits, take one of these tips and get straight back on with it!

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